Sun & Steel

Sun & Steel

Choreography Lauren Edson

Premiere Date October 6, 2012

Review by Sharma Howard, Dance Critic for The Day

“A truly romantic and lyrical excerpt by Laura Edson. Primarily a duet that pairs the dynamic Subotic and Maehara, this ballet lifts the spirit, is hauntingly gorgeous and also demands a technical and athletic prowess in its lifts and intricacies. The work blends the two dichotomies with a harmony that inspired Edson – the belief by Japanese author Yukio Mishima that Japanese culture contains both beauty and brutality.  The dance unfolds in a surreal landscape where the breadth of human emotion – the sublime and the raw – blossom.”

Full work 20 minutes, can be arranged to 10 or 15 min.

Available for touring Fall 2013.

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