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Mystic Ballet
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About Mystic Ballet

Mystic Ballet is a performing company of a different kind, dedicated to creating innovative spectacles, infused with contemporary flair to entertain and touch a worldwide audience and heighten the dramatic power of dance.
From the world’s most renowned dance festivals and galas,such asJacob’s Pillow and Ballettgala inGermany to the largest casinos in the world – Foxwoods Resort Casino and MGM Grand, Mystic Ballet has toured and performed throughout New England, Asia, Europe and Central America. Over the past 17 years the company has engaged close to 450 affiliates, including 185 performing artists from close to 40 different countries.
Mystic Ballet has brought wonder and delight to close to a quarter of a million spectators on four continents.The company has left memorable impressions touring with support from the Department of Economic and Community Development, Connecticut Office of the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, and NEA’s Art Works.

Kathryn Shattuck, The New York Times wrote:

“…one little village, but top-notch ballet”

Sharma Howard, dance critic for The Day, wrote:

“…dance that is food for the soul. Athletic, sensual, and dynamic.”

“…tantalizing, dreamily executed as if a mirage.”

Arts Editor Kristina Dorsey, Night and Day wrote:

“Here’s a perfect intro to ballet, for kids and for pretty much anyone else.”

Karen Shapiro

“This was wonderful theatrical dancing, exciting to watch.”

Von Elrich Muller, dance critic for NortseeZietung, Germany

“Dancers from the Mystic Ballet in Connecticut transformed Goran Subotic’s highly aesthetic contribution into movement.”

Yaosca Reyes for Hoy, Managua, Nicaragua

On stage its dancers are like gods who have the power of movement, precision in steps and rhythm, perfection in silhouettes.”

A. Nicolic for Tanjug/Mondo, Serbia

The uniqueness of Mystic Ballet is reflected in its artistic approach and the incredible talent of its young artists that allow the works to be intimately understandable to the audience. Every movement stems from a strong sense of passion entwined with human impulses and instincts.”

Sharma Howard, dance critic for The Day, wrote:

” This is a “Swan Lake” for contemporary audiences… keeps the lush score by Tchaikovsky and the enchanted element of swan-humans, but has its own story line that plucks at the primal chords inherent in human nature – envy, desire, covetousness, and the ego’s ceaseless battle between good and evil. It rises from the muck of primeval emotions to explore humanity’s aspirations for enlightenment.”

“A truly romantic and lyrical ballet was performed in an excerpt from Laura Edson’s “Sun and Steel.” Primarily a duet that again paired the dynamic Subotic and Maehara, this ballet lifts the spirit, is hauntingly gorgeous and also demands a technical and athletic prowess in its lifts and intricacies.”

“Mystic Ballet has unfolded as a hub of contemporary dance that attracts high caliber choreographers who deploy classical ballet technique within engaging, thematic dance that is food for the soul. Athletic, sensual, and dynamic, this company is on the cusp of wider recognition”


Why Mystic Ballet?

Mystic Ballet Productions has one major advantage  –  we offer a turnkey full entertainment solution.

With years of experience in forming original sets, staging, stunning lighting designs, and special effects, we also have in our arsenal an advanced computerized live show control system, with mowing lights, lasers, fog machines, snow machines, LED high-tech lighting, truss systems, with our DMX controllers, that allows us to program time coded all the audio, video FX, lighting cues, and special FX cues, and even automatically cue backstage technicians all in perfect synchronization. This lowers our costs as less techs are needed and puts us in very competitive price range.

It is this kind of cutting edge technology that sets MB productions apart from the rest. Allowing us to bring you the next generation in entertainment.


Technical Rider

The following technical information is presented as a general overview; however, MB can be flexible in order to accommodate the needs of each presenter. The specifications for the stage and lighting will enhance the overall performance quality but are not requirements.The stage: Proscenium stage or other performing space, approximately 40′ wide by 25′ deep. The floor should be resilient with a smooth surface covered by vinyl dance flooring. Crossover space is preferred but not necessary. MB can provide our touring flooring. Technical requirements: For concert performances, performing space should have white cyclorama, black scrim, black legs creating four wings on each side, theater lighting capabilities including side lights, washes, and overhead specials. MB is touring with its own lighting and special effects. In addition MB will provide presenter with simple but detailed lighting and hanging plots for wash. The Company will need approximately 4-6 hours to load in, and to set up lights and stage, and 4-5 hours for technical dress rehearsal (depending on the production). Preferably the technical/dress rehearsal occurs the day before the performance(s). Sound: The Company travels with recorded music in CD/DVD format. MB requests the presenter equip the performance space with two CD/DVD players. The speakers should be sufficient for the house and include two on-stage monitors. In addition, MB requests one wireless, handheld microphone.Crew: MB travels with a Technical Director who will serve as the lighting director during the run of the show. The presenter should provide the following crew: 4 people for load-in, 4 people for run of show (sound, lights, 2 grips), 4 people for strike and load-out. The personnel that run the technical/dress rehearsal must be the same crew that run the performance. Back stage communications – minimum of 4 wired/wireless unites-2 channel preferable. Dressing Rooms: Two separate dressing rooms with counters, mirrors, sinks, toilets and showers. Hospitality: The MB requests non-carbonated bottled water, juice, yogurt, fruit, pasta and deli tray on day of technical rehearsal. Bottled water and snacks are requested for day of show. The MB recommends discussing food service and dietary needs prior to arrival.

Company Staff:
GORAN SUBOTIC, Executive Director / Artistic Director
DESIREE SUBOTIC, Director of Operations
ALEKSANDER SUBOTIC, Assistant to the Artistic Director
PHIL LaVALLEE, Technical Directors
ALEKSANDER SUBOTIC, Company Photographer/Videographer
STEVEN de CASTRO, Physical TherapistAb



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Sep – Oct, 2016


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